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Benefits of a Well-Woman Exam

At ALON Family Health, our team of experts provides health care for your entire family. One of the services we offer is women’s health and that includes annual well-woman visits. Your wellness visit may not be your favorite doctor’s appointment, but there are health benefits. 

Your history matters

One of the most important parts of your well-woman visit is when we talk about your medical history. During our comprehensive discussion of your history we discuss the following: 

In other words, we discuss many different aspects of your health. 

This is an excellent time for you to ask questions about anything you’ve wondered or worried about. The discussion of your medical history can help us understand if you need certain screening tests or referrals to specialists. 

We may also talk to you about any risks you face. For example, if you’re overweight or obese, we may be able to give you guidance on changing some of your lifestyle habits to reach a healthier weight. Or if you’re a smoker, we may be able to help you find tools to quit. 

The physical exam

Although a clinical breast exam and a pelvic exam are often part of your well-woman exam, you may not need a Pap test at each annual visit. The frequency of Pap tests depends on your health, your family history and other factors. 

In fact, the components of your physical exam are likely to vary with your age and stage of life. Girls ages 13-15 may not need either a breast exam or a pelvic exam during a well-woman visit. 

If you’re sexually active, of childbearing age, or having gynecological symptoms, an annual pelvic exam can keep you healthy and can serve as a screening tool for numerous conditions and diseases, or may help us understand why you’re experiencing symptoms. 

Self exams, clinical breast exams, and for women over 40, mammograms are important tools in detecting breast cancer early. Early treatment leads to better outcomes. 

Family planning

Reproductive health and appropriate reproductive care are also benefits to having regular well-woman appointments. Whether you’re seeking long-acting birth control or you’re ready to begin or expand your family, we can answer your questions and help you reach your goals. 

Sexual health

If you have pain during or after sex, your well-woman visit is the best time to discuss it with your provider. There are many issues that can affect your sexual health, and your well-woman appointments are an excellent opportunity to learn more about them. 

An annual well-woman exam is one of the best ways to protect your overall, reproductive, and sexual health. Schedule your appointment today at ALON Family Health.

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