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Sports Medicine: Getting You Back in the Game

If you think “professional athlete” when you think “sports medicine,” you may want to reconsider. At ALON Family Health, we provide sports medicine to many patients, but few of them are professional athletes. In fact, they are probably very much like you. 

Being active is part of living a healthy life, but the more active you are, the more likely it is you’re going to have some kind of injury. Our staff at ALON Family Medicine has the knowledge, skills, and expertise in sports medicine to get you back in the game, doing the things you enjoy. 

Who needs sports medicine

You may not think of what you do as sports, but even if you get hurt walking, it may be considered a situation that calls for sports medicine. There’s a wide variety of situations that require the same kind of treatment you’d need if you hurt yourself in an athletic pursuit, and some of them may surprise you. 

For example, if you’ve strained your back cleaning out your garage, you weren’t playing a sport, but the injury likely requires the same kind of treatment it would if you’d hurt your back lifting weights. 

Generally speaking, injuries that affect your musculoskeletal system may be treated with sports medicine. Strained muscles, joint pain, and similar injuries can be treated with sports medicine techniques. After all, regardless of whether you twisted your knee stepping off a curb or jumping during a game of basketball, the result is likely the same. 

What you can expect from sports medicine treatment

No matter where you get treated for a sports-related injury, you’re likely to get similar care. The difference in getting treatment from one of our sports medicine specialists, led by Rolando Perez, MD, is that they have specialized training in treating musculoskeletal injuries. 

This training means that they are more likely to recognize complicating factors or to catch indications that the problem may be deeper than it appears. 

A twisted ankle is a twisted ankle, but if you’ve twisted your ankle several times you may have instability in that joint, and you may need different treatment than if you’ve just had the one injury. 

Chronic illness and sports

Providers who have sports medicine training can also help if you have a chronic condition such as asthma. You may have spent years thinking that certain activities were simply off-limits, when in fact, a sports medicine specialist could help you manage your condition and take part in the activities you enjoy. 

Prevention remains the best medicine 

Another area where sports medicine helps is that of injury prevention. Overuse injuries abound among people who enjoy active lifestyles, and we can help you avoid them. 

If your child plays contact sports, we can help you understand the dangers of concussion as well as take steps to prevent them. 

Similarly, we can provide you with advice on nutrition, supplements, and cross-training activities that support your efforts to be fit and healthy and perform well in the activities you participate in. 

Resuming activity following an injury can also be a difficult time. Should you ignore the pain and strengthen your muscles, or is it better to wait awhile? We can help you know when to resume activity, and how much you should do at what point in your recovery. 

If you’d like to learn more about the sports medicine services we provide, book an appointment at ALON Family Health in San Antonio, Texas, today. You can easily schedule online, or you’re welcome to call us and we’ll be glad to book your appointment.

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