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Acute Care Specialist

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Wish you could visit your doctor about the flu but no appointments are available? Acute care services at ALON Family Health in San Antonio, Texas, is the answer. Acute care gives you the opportunity for treatment without needing to visit an emergency room. Call today or book online for acute care availability with ALON Family Health.

Acute Care Q & A

What is acute care?

Use acute care services when you have a medical problem that is not an obvious emergency, but you are unable to see your regular doctor at a time convenient for you. 

Acute care is also known as same-day appointments or after-hours appointments. ALON Family Health provides same-day appointments as an acute care service to their patients.

When should I use acute care?

Acute care helps provide faster treatment for minor illnesses or serious problems. For example, if you suspect you have strep throat or bronchitis but do not want to wait a few days for a regular appointment, acute care gives you the option of being treated the same day.

Acute care appointments at ALON Family Health provide you with testing and prescriptions if necessary in a streamlined visit.

What’s the difference between a doctor appointment and acute care?

During a scheduled appointment at ALON Family Health, you have a dedicated amount of time to discuss your concerns with your provider. An open dialogue about your health history and current health creates a comprehensive treatment plan.

With an acute care appointment, the focus is your chief complaint. If you are sick, you receive treatment for that illness much like you would at an emergency room. The team at ALON Family Health provide you with the highest quality care at all times but understand sometimes you need treatment before a routine appointment is available. Please note that, depending on provider availability, you may still have to wait before you are seen. 

What does acute care treat?

Acute care and emergency care aren’t the same. If you’re injured in a car accident, visiting an emergency room is recommended, but if you think you may have sprained your ankle, acute care could be a better option for you. Other illnesses that acute care is good for include:

  • Sinus infection
  • Strep throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Flu
  • Ear infections
  • Stomach virus
  • Allergies

If you’re unsure if you should schedule a regular appointment or visit urgent care, call ALON Family Health for the team’s suggestion.

Whether you need immediate treatment or can’t be available for an appointment, acute care with the team at ALON Family Health gives you different options. Call today to speak with the office staff to schedule an appointment or book online from your home.